Quantum Transport in Graphene

Quantum Transport in Graphene

Quantum transport in graphene

We have been leading group to develop experimental techniques to create and graphene quantum structures and their exotic physical properties. Building on our achieved results and technical feasibility demonstrated in the current project period, we are investigating novel physical phenomena in graphene, stemming from correlated electron physics.

Our experiment in graphene is largely based on engineering graphene heterostructures for high mobility and high functionality. Such graphene devices allow us investigating topological phase transitions in multicomponent integer and fractional quantum Hall states. In order to exploring the nature of SU(4) spin/valley polarized quantum Hall edge states, we employ quantum point contacts and quantum Hall interferometry to study competition between strongly correlated quantum Hall ferromagnet and fractional quantum Hall states. We also study Injection of cooper pairs in graphene quantum Hall edge states and investigation of competition between the proximity induced superconducting state and Landau gap formation.






 Carlos F.  /Xiaomeng L. /Frank Z. /Gilho L. /Jing S./ Katie H.