Cryostat Signup (read rules before signing up)


  1. one person one signup: each Kim group member can sign up for one slot, finish previous measurement before signing up for next slot.
  2. choose one cryostat: select only one cryostat that suits your need the best, if the cryostat is down or have a long waiting time, you can switch to other cryostats without losing the place in line.
  3. no skipping without consequences: having samples ready is recommended. It’s ok to sign up before sample is fully ready but do it at your own risk! If cannot start when it’s your turn, your place will be cancelled (not delayed). If you have a legit reason to skip, note it down in the note, otherwise will be deleted.
  4. short measurements: 1 or 2 days can be considered short measurements, short measurements can be jump the queue with the consent of users in line for that cryostat.
Time Estimate
Signup time(DD/MM/YY)
Start time(DD/MM/YY)
End time(DD/MM/YY)
Leiden offline
Mehdi/Kwabena (+Bobby Day, MIT)
(Had to swap with PPMS owing to usage of He3 and Columbia collaborator had a fixed window) --> The que should be counted as consumed.
1 wk11/10/2017done
Austin2 weeks 11/21/17@
Luis2-3 days11/26/17+
Onder/Yuval3 weeks12/08/201701/25/2018@
SiYoung/Hiroshi1 week12/21/2017+
Xiaomeng/ Zeyu1-2 weeks12/31/2017+
Yuval/ Ke1-2 weeks15/1/2018+
Young Jae1.5 week1/18/2018Wish to start from 3/12/2018 due to the coordination with the collaborator+
Jing2 weeks1/18/2018+
Laurel1-2 weeks1/18/2018+
Hyobin/Rebecca/Ke2 weeks1/24/2018+
Jan/Hiroshi/Adriana few days1/24/20182/82/15done
Hiroshi2 weeks1/25/2018+
Katie1-2 weeks2/8/2018+
Onder2-3 weeks2/13/2018+
Yuval/Nicola/Frank1-2 weeks2/13/2018+
Tom/Yuval1-2 weeks2/15/2018+

Group meeting schedule

Instrument access

Motorized transfer stage: use the following link to apply to join the motorized transfer stage user group, in the application provide your name, research group and contact person in Kim group. Once approved, you can use this link to add the booking calendar to your google calendar.

List of superusers

  • Main Glovebox: Frank
  • Wet Room Glovebox: Kwabena
  • Evaporator 1 (clean) and overall AJA system: Katie
  • Evaporator 2: Hiroshi
  • He3: Luis
  • Leiden: Jing and Johna
  • PPMS: Katie and Si Young
  • Oxford: Xiaomeng and Ke
  • Janis: Austin
  • Motorized transfer stage: Xiaomeng
  • AFM: Xiaomeng
  • Dewar Top Cryostat: Andy
  • 3K Dry System: Artem
  • Wirebonder: Frank -> Laurel
  • Optical microscopes: Hyobin and Andy
  • Annealer : Rebecca
  • Manual transfer stage: Young Jae
  • Probe station: Hyobin