Strong light matter interactions in 2D materials


We are at the frontier of studying light-matter interactions in atomically thin heterostructures. Our research focuses on semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides, the semiconductor cousins of graphene. Particularly, we are interested in the optoelectronic properties of excitons, bound electron-hole pairs that can be created under photoexcitation or via electrical injection. Our studies focus on the different phases that these interacting excitons can possibly achieve, such as Bose-Einstein condensation. We tune density, displacement, and magnetic fields to explore the rich phase diagram of superfluid exciton phases. We aim to measure transport signatures of interlayer exciton condensation. The technical challenge for this project is to build highly efficient electrical contacts that work at low temperatures. Furthermore, establishing reliable linear response charge transport in the coherent photon driving limit is essential. Simultaneous measurement of magneto/optical/ultra-fast charge transport is highly desirable to achieve this goal.